About Me

Praise be unto the Great & Merciful Almighty Creator God  and welcome to my website. Remember, I am here to help you!
I am an African-American Spiritual Advisor, intuitive Counselor ,and spiritual assistant from Jackson, Mississippi.  I lived and learned in Mississippi for my first 33 years of life where I learned about spiritual practices. During childhood I learned that being spiritually gifted brings great responsibility. I have made it my life mission to assist people throughout the world with their spiritual needs and I am here to assist you. I consider myself first and foremost a Woman of God and teacher often helping clients spiritually by also teaching them to help themselves for a more   long term solution to life's issues.

During my younger years I traveled for study and service to Africa and other foreign countries. I have studied many of the world's great religions and many of the ancient ones as well. Although I am a professional Spiritual Intuitive, I believe one has never completed their learning and am a student of many Spiritual traditions as well as an energy worker focusing on love of self and love within the world as a whole. I truly believe that love of self and each other is the answer to all of life's woes.
It is my belief that my love, faith, tolerance and understanding make me the open and intuitive person I am today. Currently I reside in Florida with my happy and loving family that includes humans, animals and plant life.

I offer spiritual services that include Spiritual Intuitive Counseling/Advisement, Spiritual Consultations, Spiritual/ Prayer  Work and individually custom-made spiritual items along with in person spiritual ceremonies.

It is truly my understanding that nothing is impossible if a person: (1) is grateful for what he or she already has, (2)gives focus to what he or she truly wants that is inline with his or her purpose, (3) speaks on it with intention as if it already were, (4) believes without a doubt that it is and (5) acts on it with full faith and complete love within their hearts. I handle my life in this way and know that whatever it is that a client wants, needs or desires as related to their best and highest good can be theirs as I assist them through the manifestation process.

Many people seek out spiritual assistance when they have unanswered problems or are in distress concerning a current situation. I am here to help you with problems that are both great and small. What are you waiting for? Get the answers you seek today. Live the life you were meant to lead!

You can't begin your wonderful journey until you take the first step! Do it now by getting a spiritual reading so we can take a deeper look for you. I am waiting to talk to you!