I have been a client of Sister Angel Rose since 2010. I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to have connected with her! I am so thankful that God placed her on my path! She is extremely gifted, caring and non-judgmental! Prior to becoming her client I tried other readers and spiritual workers and they were a complete waste of time, energy and money. When I had my first reading with Sister Angel Rose in 2010 I could immediately tell that she was different and that she was in fact the REAL DEAL! I was completely blown away by her accuracy. I only stated my name and date of birth and she took it from there! Earlier this year she completed Heart-Warming/Opening and Protection Spiritual Work (In Person Spiritual Ceremony) on my behalf to assist with love sweetening of my relationship and protecting my relationship from the negative forces of meddling individuals that had been extremely problematic in the overall health and success of my relationship. The results have been absolutely amazing! Our relationship has improved and the meddling individuals have stopped their meddling completely and have now placed their focus elsewhere! If you desire REAL RESULTS I highly recommend Sister Angel Rose! She is absolutely THE BEST! 
South Carolina
Thank you for all the accurate predictions concerning my love life and career. Since 2016 when I first met you, you and Spirit have been my guiding angels and I know I can always count on you both when in doubt.
Where do I begin? I have been working with Ms. Angel for about 13 years; off and on, primarily more in the last 8 years than before. I have come to here with situations that have been devastating, confusing, great you name it; we've talked about it. Six years ago, I came to her at a time when I was completely lost; my ex-husband abruptly left me and the kids for someone else and in turn; it caused a major strain on my health, financially and my mental stability. When I reached out to her; I could barely complete a sentence (which is abnormal for me). It was at that time she gave me the news (i already knew) but insisted that I get Open Road work (A HEAVY DUTY CLEANSING) done ASAP. I thought to myself; "where am I going to get the finances to do that?" Anyway; I borrowed the money from a family member and got it done. She sent specific steps back to me and it was very hard for me to understand (as I stated; I was mentally blocked). After several conversations I got it right. Sister Angel was patient with me; however she was stern with her instructions. Let me tell you; my ENTIRE life changed. My kids and I moved to a new apartment (bc, I had lost the home I had), I got a career (paying me very well) (bc I had lost that too) got a brand new car (bc I lost that) and everything around me went up FAST!! My entire life changed in a matter of months; because I was consistent and I had her backing me. From that point; it just got better. My ex husband soon realized he had completely ruined his life and co- parenting has been great! But this most recent event has been a thought provoking one. Remember when I said things were going great; they have continued to go great; but I ran into an issue with luck. It seemed like the more money I made; the more it was disappearing. I called Sister Angel and she said " your luck is off". I had no problem doing the work. Again, immediately, I began to see changes financially; even through this plandemic. I have lost weight, I am glowing, I feel better and the people who are in my life are supposed to be there. I wish I could show you before and after photos; but if you are having any doubts on Sister Angel and her team; DONT. She is the truth. BUT you have to be willing to do your part. You cannot be soft. You cannot be unwilling to hear the truth. Most times; we want to hear what we want to hear and with her, she's gonna give it to you straight; but in a caring manner. She has become a true friend and I trust her advise implicitly. Please DONT hesitate to schedule a reading and dont be scared of the conversation. She had a true gift; just be willing to accept it.
Wake Forest, NC
Sister angel is God sent, I did a (IN PERSON CLEANSING CEREMONY) cleansing with her oct 2018, since then my whole life has changed, I let go off my ex husband who was no good , I got divorced in may 2019. I met a powerful man of god, who is my bestfriend,and treats me with respect.  I never knew  men like this still exist.  I am now married to this man, living a new life, and is very happy. Thanks to sister angel who by the help of god did it for me, she gave me a new and happy life. Sister angel is sent by god
I don't know where to start ! Until I stumbled upon this God sent Angel my life was a fringing MESS! Unhappy , crying. I couldn't understand why I was going thru what I was goi g through! I tried to get help from other who CLAIM they could help and all they did was take my money! Until GOD and the universe lead me to Sister Angel and my life has changed! I did the ceremony & I could tell the difference. I was happy , singing , dancing and months later I was offered a new position despite the situation at hand! This lady & her crew is Legit ! The BOMB. Com
Los Angeles, CA
About a 3 weeks ago , I searched one of the Facebook groups that I?m In for a spiritual advisor . Sister Angel Rose was thee very first person that popped up , but from a post that was posted over a year ago . I didn?t scroll any further or think twice about It , i went to her site right away . I was truly called to her & today I found out why . I?ve been very anxious these past couple of weeks but It was worth the wait . What I needed and more . I feel confident In knowing what I know now . I?m grateful for confirmation after confirmation . I was comfortable the whole time . Thank you very much . Until next time .
Golden Love
Atlanta, GA
This is awesome woman of God.If you allow God to use her to help you and just listen your life will change and your life do a 360?change. I had a spiritual cleansing (FULL IN PERSON CEREMONY) done with her. My life was a mess everything was blocked my finances and my love life. I was dealing with a man that was below my  
standards. In my reading she said that the guy I'm dealing with was not who God had for me. Her cleansing removed all blockages.After my cleansing (CEREMONY) everything started to flow. Now I have a wonderful a man in my life and i got a raise on my job
South Carolina 
If you are looking for honest and great pshychic, then, Sister Angel Rose is the REAL deal guys!!! I can't thank her enough. Her work has always on point and she will tell you guys the truth wheather you like or not. I have been getting her spiritual guidance for 10 years since 2009 summer to 2019. (I am writing this review in 2019 fall.)  When I first spoke to her, she kept repeating " but, there is another child in this relationship" in a whole 45 mins.  At that time, I couldn't think of another child in the relationship that she was talking about.  Then, 3 months later..., She was right! ( that person in the relastionship was 5 months pregnant ) I was shocked. I coouldn't believe it.  Not only the she was accurate about the relationship but also nailed it about other child which was in womb. 
During the session, she may tell you something off subject if the spirits want you to know( warning ) something. I found this very helpful and great.
Her hoodoo ritual works very POTENT!  Love portion worked and still working which made him very loyal partner and still is.
There were spiritual war going on in my life and dark spirits were sent to me at one point.
Protection Ritual literary SAVED my life from fatal car accident that not many people survived from. It was a miracle/ magikal that the EMERGENCY HOSPITALS started using my case as a protocol. If I didn't have her work on me, I don't think I am alive and writing this review. (
She has always been guiding me that right path and making me feel at ease about my life.
Miami,  FL
Mrs.Angel is so wonderful and I am very thankful each and every time I talk to her. Me and my ex had broken up.  He was very adamant about moving on and not trying again because we had constantly argued. He also felt we weren’t a good match. I wanted to be with him so I contacted Mrs.Angel and got some love work done. We broke up in the middle of March and got back together in the middle of July. The love work that I got done worked and it just took me being patient and not worrying about it. Thank you Mrs.Angel for bringing my old man back to me with the love work that was done. 
Austin, TX
Sister Rose was defiitely God sent to me. I have readings, and candles lit, both have been amazing. The candles work soo well that I often get them lit, and every single time I can tell when she has lit the candle and prayed vs when the candle goes out! I plan to (continue) be a client of Sister Rose, God gave her this gift for us... I thank God for her, and her spiritual gift. Be blessed.
Thank you for being the Angel that helped guide me to get out of my own way. Because of you I now view life as beautfiul as a rose. Sister Angel Rose your name suits you!
Forever Grateful,
Good day all,
I have known Sister Angel for 7 years & she's the person I contact when I need answers that cannot come to myself clearly. I have enjoyed all my readings and the Annual Readings are THE BEST!!!
I have received instructions, baths & guidance from her that have helped me time & time again.
I strongly recommend you contact her if you're stuck on any subject & I strongly recommend using her as a personal/spiritual coach because she can help you become your BEST & most abundant self.
This testimony comes from the bottom of my heart & I recommend her to everyone I know.
Love & prosperity to all of you who read this,
Ontario, Canada
Let me first start off by saying that I've been working with Sister Angel for 12 years. Every thing I've done with her has been amazing! I set up an emergency appt. and had the reading today. Because everything is an emergency!! Apparently everything is going great!! I had some work done last year to open my roads and apparently its worked!! (Client won her difficult legal proceeding as well as secured a new and better job after being fired as well as is now in position to purchase a new home) Things are looking great and my luck as turned completely around (which I didn't know). You know how life is; you get on a role and don't notice how good things are until Sister Angel tells me so! Working with her has been amazing to say the least! Thank you Angel.
North Carolina
Sister Angel Rose is AMAZING! I have been a client of hers for over 8 years. Her readings are always accurate. My boyfriend and I recenntly broke up after an arguement. After 3 years of being in a relationship together, he told me it was over and that I should move on. He stopped answering my phone calls and he stopped responding to any of my text messages. I immediately reached out to Sister Angel Rose for assistance with getting him to come back to me. I ordered her "Emergency Return My Lover" Ritual and she started the work within 24 hours. I followed her directions EXACTLY as she instructed and boy were the results AMAZING! He came back to me in TWO DAYS! Our relationship has improved, he is now more giving and our communication has improved tremendously. Now he text and calls at least 2 times per day! Words can't describe how grateful I am to Sister Angel Rose for her help! For anyone who may be skeptical or doubtful, let me assure you that Sister Angel Rose is the TRUTH and she gets RESULTS! I highly recommend her to anyone who desires spiritual assistance and/or direction.
sister angel rose is god sent, I was at the end of the road when she did it for me. (through a heavy duty cleansing ceremony in person to remove evil  and blocks) I am free and have a new life. she turn all my sorrows to joy. She is a very spiritual, will always reccommend her, she is awesome.
My partner left and I recently requested an emergency ritual from Sister Angel. I followed all the instructions. During the course of the ritual and afterwards, our relationship has improved with contact and visits between us flowing so much better. Better communication and whatever was blocking our feelings before has disappeared and the loving feelings are back again, even better than before. We still have some decisions to make but I can tell you now, without Sister Angel Rose's help, we would not be where we are today. I followed up with a reading and my goodness, it is as though Sister Angel was a fly on the wall. She knew things that only spirit could have told her. She has advised how to navigate the near future for smoother sailing ahead. Sister Angel Rose is a beautiful, wonderful person. I am so grateful for her help and guidance. Thank you so much Sister Angel Rose.
M.P. Australia
I had a spiritual cleansing with Sister Angel and boy did my life turn around.  I became more happier and felt so free.  Things began to work out for me.  Sister Angel is the real deal I just wish I had come to her years ago instead of carrying all of that negative stuff around.
T. M.
Duncan, SC
Sister Angel is absolutely amazing!!  And I am speaking from experience of the many times I have reached out to her regarding numerous situations that was not going my way and she turned them around. My most current situation was with my boyfriend whom I have been with for seven years all of a sudden decided he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me anymore, At first I thought he was just talking, but I began to notice a change in how he interacted with me which was totally out of the norm, It was as if he nearly hated me of course I felt another woman was involved and I didn't know what to do, so I scheduled a reading with Sister Angel.  During the reading Sister Angel was able to determine what the problem was and I followed her guidance as she preformed her work and before long my "Boo" and I were back together again just as before. I will tell any of you if you are in doubt about Sister Angel don't be she is the "truth" by all means. I know there are a lot of fakers out there and I have came across them too, but since making contact with Sister Angel I need not look any further, I've been dealing with her for several years and plan to continue. If you don't believe me just try her one time, schedule a reading and that alone will knock your socks off because you will be shocked at how accurate she is. She will not sugar coat anything she keeps it real with you, but at the same token she will fix whatever situation you are dealing with so that it may work in your favor.
V. Jones  (Memphis, TN)
I would like to thank sister Angel Rose for her help.....i needed help with getting a new job and she waa able to help me in less than a week to obtain a great position!....i was informed i had the job in less than 2 hours after the interview....thanks sister Rose
Michelle (Houston, TX)
Sister Angel Rose is AWESOME AND 100 ACURATE with her reading and work. On Nov 4, 2017 Sister Angel Rose came to my house and did a SPIRITUAL CEREMONY, HOUSE CLEANSING  AND LOVE SWEETENING CEREMONY. we never had this done before. What a BLESSING that was. These are the results that has happen so far more to come.  I will post more results  as they manifest. Sister Angel said nothing will be able to come back into our house of evil contact anymore. I have some vicious enemies who are family members who have tried to come into our house, but they can't like Sister Angel said they can't come back into my house. Next, one of my vicious relative stole some money from my parent in Oct 2016, I asked the relative in Aug 2017 why she took the money, the relative said to me, that's not my business. Two week after the spiritual work this relative got so overwhelmed and frustrated she got a lawyer and she told her lawyer she  was tried of this mess, she want to give back my parent the money that was stolen. Her lawyer told her it would be best to give back the money, because with all the evidences that was against her, and she would not win in court, and she would have to pay all the court fees. Guess WHAT, NOW It IS MY BUSINESS NOW, my lawyer has the check from her and I am waiting for the check to clear the bank in a few days and then I will receive it. THIS RELATIVE IS SO DUM FOUNDED CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPEN.  Sister Angel also, told me everything that the relative try to do will not work. This relative and the lady at the bank called DHR on me, stating that I was on drugs, trying to get my parent money to support my drug habit. Everyone know I am not on drugs nor drink. DHR said do not worry about it I know you well, you don't do any drugs, smoke nor drink. So don't worry about that relative. Next the relative kept trying, she called the local police on me twice. The first time I explain to the officer how this relative stole my parent money and I showed the officer ALL of the FRAUDLENTS banks statement that this relative did to my parent. Again he said he wasn't going to get involved. Second visit my 3 loads of cops came to my house 2 days later this time relative push another relative to send the police to do a well check. This relative thought he could bully me because he is a doctor by calling the cops on me. I let the cops in they said  WE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG. I had to explain to the officer that this relative stole some money from my parent.And that she was going to make my life a living hell. IT DIDN'T WORK. Again like Sister Angel said no evil will not be able to ever to come back into our house again.Everything these vicious relatives trying to do to me is not working. They have tried very hard, it's not working in their favor. My boyfriend left me and moved back to his hometown in Feb, 2017. I had not heard from him until this morning Dec 18,2017 (AFTER SISTER ANGEL DID THE LOVE SWEETENING). He said he miss me so bad, love me and asking question can he come to see me. Sister Angel Rose is not no JOKE. She is an Awesome LADY of GOD. WHOEVER, is reading my testimony PLEASE PLEASE get Sister Angel Rose to do a SPIRTIUAL CEREMONY IN PERSON for you will EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED WITH THE RESULTS SISTER ANGEL IS THE BEST I HAVE CAME ACROSS. I will always be a client of her.
Mayoto (Alabama)
Sister angle Rose is beyond amazing!!.. I had a spiritual cleansing done, and I feel so much relief of stress, worrying, anger, that black cloud is gone and felt when it left.. my mind is cleared, and I feel different I feel good, happy!!
S.D. (Monticello, FL)
My husband was facing serious time. Sister Angel Rose helped us and his sentence was reduced. I'm so Thankful and Blessed to have her help.
S.M. (McDonough, GA)
Let me start off by saying Sister Angel Rose is truly God sent. Back in October 2016 I did a reading with Sister Angel Rose she was on target 100%. I was having trouble in my household from a relative that didn't even live in my household. This relative cause all kind of confusion and destruction in my household.  This trouble has been going on since April 29, 2015. When I got the reading and ritual work done with Sister Angel immediately in the matter of days of her work things started changing for the better. Now my household is at peace once again. At the beginning of May 2017 I took a trip to New Orleans for some me time alone, when I got to the hotel, the lady at the front desk said I didn't have to pay anything for the room, because my hotel points took care of it. The day I returned back home from New Orleans I went by my po box at the post office to get my mail, there was a check mailed me from the hospital of $2795.00 from my car accident, my lawyer paid the hospital that amount in March 2017.  May 6, 2017 I went to the state line to get lottery tickets and scratch off I played one $25 Jumbo scratch and won $500.00 Things began to get better for me. I am always going to stick with Sister Angel Rose.
M.T.  (Alabama)
I had my reading with Sister Rose on March 7, 2017 , Sister Rose is Heaven sent! This lady is truly spiritual and Gifted. When I spoke with Sister Rose she was very honest and direct with me and everything she mentioned  in my reading was very accurate and on point. I have never in my life seen someone so Amazing, I wrote down every question on a paper to asked and she answered every single questions before I could even ask (Still in shock) I have got readings in the past by Readers, But when I tell you nobody has every been 100% accurate like Sister Rose. I say you will not be disappointed with non of her work!
A. Allen (Tampa, FL)
I am so late sending this and I sincerely apologize. I scheduled an emergency reading with sis Angel and my reading took place 2-24-2017 ,  let me just start off by saying she is wonderful, she has a very kind and patient spirit. She told me everything I confirm in my mind before talking to her. She was dead on target. I have dealt with some workers and NONE of themhave been on point like Sis. Angel, she told me what I needed to do and she did not cut corners with me, she gave me answers I was not happy about but she was straight forward, she did not pressure me. She made me feel at ease, this woman is the truth, I am very blessed to have spoken to her. I now have clarity on some things in my life I was unsure of. I will be using her services again.
Angela C. (Atlanta, GA)
Thank you so much sister rose she is gifted spiritual person i just thank her for answering all of my questions..she have giving me a lift from what i was feeling.
Latoya (Philadelphia, PA)