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Your issues and problems are important to me. I want to hear from you. For fastest response please do email.
Phone:   (407) 283-5456
Mail:      Sister Angel Rose
                P.O. Box 678322
                Orlando, FL 32867-8322
Hours of Phone Service:
Eastern Standard Time
Tues - Fri: 9AM - 6PM
Sat: Special Schedulings Only
Mon: Special Schedulings ONLY (Reading fees are doubled)
Sun: Closed
Send me an email anytime!


Forms of Payments Accepted
I accept payments for readings and services in the following ways:

(1) You may pay for my services by directly purchasing from this website if applicable.
(2) You may go directly to the website and "Send Money" to my email address at .
(3) You may send a POSTAL Money Order (only) to my P.O. Box and pay to the order of  T. Thomas PO Box 678322 Orlando, FL 32867. Be sure to include your phone number in the memo portion of the money order so I will know how to contact you.
(4) I no longer accept Money Gram or Western Union as this is the form of payment that many scam artists are now accepting from clients. Don't Be Fooled By Fakes! For more information on how not to be fooled by fake psychics and fake spiritual practitioners read our latest blog post.
Full Refunds-
Full Refunds will be given only if Sister Angel Rose cancels an appointment for a Spiritual Reading and/or Consultation and the client does not wish to reschedule. Purchased readings must be scheduled within 2 weeks of purchase or neither scheduling nor refunding is promised. Clients who wish to postpone a purchased reading are welcomed to do so by contacting Sister Angel Rose.

To curb fraud attempts, clients who have purchases made in someone else's name via paypal must wait a minimum of 6 days to be scheduled.

Partial Refunds and Rescheduling-
Sister Angel Rose waits 10 minutes for a scheduled client's call.  After the first 10 minutes of no showing the appointment is considered missed.If a client misses the first appointment for a scheduled Emergency Reading or Spiritual Reading with or without a Consultation then he or she must reschedule within 24 hours of missing that appointment or he or she will forfeit all paid funds  and forfeit the opportunity to reschedule.  If a client misses the second scheduled appointment, then no refund will be given, nor will rescheduling be available. If a client must reschedule he or she must give a 24 hour notice for rescheduling or the appointment will be considered a first missed appointment upon the actual miss and will be subject to the above rules.  If the client misses the second appointment then again the above rules would apply. If the 24 hour notice is given then rescheduling will be completed at both the client's and Sister Angel Rose's discretion.
All rescheduling, even those for emergency readings, within the rules above will be rescheduled at Sister Angel Rose's discretion and time frame. ALL Rescheduling Requests MUST be completed via email for record purposes. A client MAY NOT reschedule via phone.

Refunds will not be given for any spiritual work/prayers completed as time, energy and spiritual supplies have already been utilized. No exceptions. We make no claims or promises.
Sister Angel Rose reserves the right to cease spiritual works/reading at anytime for breach of policy or terms/contract in written or spoken terms. Sister Angel Rose will NEVER work with or read a client who is currently working with or is a client of any other spiritual practitioner/ rootworker/ Psychic/ Reader or any other professional (fee based or free). If a current spiritual work client would like to work with or get a reading from another person then they must first let Sister Angel Rose know their intentions. This is ONLY for current spiritual work clients as energetically this can ruin any case to allow another's energetic involvement.  Working with more than one spiritual practitioner at a time without both of their full consent/knowledge typically yields NO results for a client and this is not what Sister Angel Rose wishes for her clients. Sister Angel Rose does this for the benefit of all of her spiritual work clients so that the best results can be gained. If a client breaches this policy then he/she will immediately be dropped as a client and will not be refunded any fees paid. Sister Angel Rose reserves the right to utilize this policy at her discretion as necessary. Reading clients who neglect to inform Sister Angel Rose of their current works will neither be refunded or rescheduled if it is learned during the scheduled reading. Purchase of services and/or a reading of any kind means you agree to all policies and terms listed on this site.
For those purchasing readings with someone else's credit card information please note that your reading will be scheduled for 2 weeks out from purchase date to make certain of cardholders agreement. To forego this mandatory 2 week wait period please do email the front and back of the state issued ID of the purchaser to us at

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