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Emergency Court Case/ Legal Ritual

Emergency Court Case/ Legal Ritual

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This Ritual is known to assist those who have a court case coming up quickly and need immediate assistance or want to keep the law out of their business for a week or two. If you need long term assistance with keeping the law away from you then please have a Spiritual Reading to determine how Sister Angel Rose can help you. This Ritual is known to work well for those that have situations all types of court issues. However, if you have a case that involves the potential to receive an extensive amount of jail time or is a serious situation, it is advised that you or a member of your family on your behalf get a Spiritual Reading first to determine if this ritual is best for your situation. If your situation is extremely serious (such as murder trials etc) then you definitely should get a reading first. This is a booster ritual only. Our more powerful legal assistance does require a reading first. Again this ritual does help many people but you should get a reading if you aren't sure this is for you. Only you can decide if this ritual is right for you. Ideally this ritual should be purchased no less than two weeks prior to your court date or a week at minimum. If your court date is in less than a week then the energy of this ritual will not be as strong but can often be better than no assistance at all. We have seen it make a huge difference in the time a person receives or no time at all or the judge favoring you versus the person(s) against you.  Please note this ritual is good for one court date only or for short term needs. Again if you require long term more power assistance do get an Intuitive Reading first.



 Items I Need From You: 


(1) One Photo of Person with court case or to be  protected from the law


(2) Person's Full Name


 (3) Person's Date of Birth


(4) List of all those involved in case and how they are  involved (i.e. witness against me, witness for me) and a photo of each person if available


(5) Names of all attorneys and the judge if applicable and photos if available


 (6) EXACT Court Date if applicable


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