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Emergency Favor Me Ritual

Emergency Favor Me Ritual

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This Ritual has worked wonders for many people who need someone to favor them above all others. This relates specifically to Job Interviews, AuditionsLoan Interviews, School, Judged Contests, Job Promotions, etc. In any situation where favor from others is desired, this Ritual is what is needed. Please note this ritual may not be used for legal cases.


 Personal Items I Need From You: 


(1) One Photo of Person to receive favor


 (2) Person's Full Name


 (3) Person's Date of Birth


 (4) Name of Person/Company/Contest and photos and/or location


(5) Date(s) of event or meeting, etc.


How to Send Items: (1) Via Email to 

IMPORTANT: WE WILL CONTACT YOU BY EMAIL. Add your EMAIL during checkout. This is very important.


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