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Emergency Lover Assistance Ritual

Emergency Lover Assistance Ritual

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This Ritual is only for those who have been apart for less than 45 days. It works well for couples who live together as well as couples who do not. If you suspect your loved one is going to try and leave you, you may wish to have this ritual done prior to their leaving to assist in stopping them. This is a booster ritual only. This ritual is not for those who have situations where another lover is involved as it will not get rid of the person nor will it help with those types of issues. This is also not for those whose situations have become very difficult.  If you aren't sure this ritual is for you, or if your love has been gone for more than 45 days, please do have a Spiritual Reading to determine if you need our stronger and more powerful work. These booster rituals do work wonders for many people who utilize them but it is a BOOSTER only and again not for those with more serious cases. Only you can determine if this type of assistance is what you are seeking. Please note this ritual is not for you if your lover now hates you. You need our stronger help.

Personal Items I Need From You: 

(1) One Photo of Each Person- preferred or a Photo of the couple together

 (2) Each Person's Full Name

 (3) Each Person's Date of Birth

 (4) Each Person's Location (City/State or Country)

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